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Thimphu- Pangri Zampa (28km roundtrip) Town Square 2350m – Dechenchholing 2420m (8km) - Pangri Zampa – Taba Top (6km forest/ dirt road) Return 60% downhill.

Khuruthang – Tashithang (62km roundtrip) Start at Khuruthang town 1240m - Punakha Dzong 1250m (4km) - Phuntsho Pelri (5km) -Yebesa (3km) Rimchu (9km)- Tashithang 1840m (10km/ dirt road) Tashithang is along the Mo Chu. Rimchu area is among the hot spots for birding.Rafting and kayaking is also a option on this section.

Wangdue Phodrang:
Wangdue Phodrang – Phobjikha (64km oneway) Start in Wangdue town 1315m - Chhuzomsa 1410m (8km) – Tikke Zampa 1490(4km) Nobding 2640m (27km) - Dungdung Nyelsa 2910m(7km) - Lawala Junction 3240m (5km) – Lawala 3360m(3km) – Gangtey Gompa 3000m (3km) - Phobjikha- Tabiting 2830m(7km). There are several day trips in and around Gangtey and Phobji Geog. There is a 5.5km forest road under construction to Gogona, 6km dirt road + 2hours walk/bike to Khebethang and 7km dirt road to Kunkuthang.

Jakar – Tang (62km roundtrip) Start at Jakar town 2580m - Membartsho 2570m (11km) - Mesithang (17km/uphill dirt road ) – Kizom Suspension bridge 2760m (3km) cross the bridge and 30min uphill walk to Ugyenchholing. The Guest house and Museum (lifestyle/artworks) is run by the Ugyenchholing Trust. The Rodongla Trek also starts from Tang and the Bumthang Cultural Trek can be done backwards from Tang.

Trashigang – Phongme – Trashigang (70km roundtrip). Start at Trashigang town 1070m - Riju 860m (4km) – Lungtenzampa (5km) Rangjung bridge 1060 (7km) – Rangjung 1080 (1km) – Radi School 1870m (8km) – Phongme 1800m (10km).

The biker will have plenty of opportunity to sneak into any of the villages and get into the culture of rural Bhutan. Villages that fall along the trail are namely; Bajo, Jimthang, Manakha, Oladama, Tshochagsa and Aumtekha. Trail between Oldama and Tshochagsa is very interesting in terms of scenic value. One can have the view of Dochula, Talo Goenpa, Labtsakha and punakha valley with magnificent Punakha Dzong and monasteries. While descending from Tshochagsa, Wangdue Phodrang Dzong and Chimi Lhakhang could also be seen.